star 100 "Thwart Power Cubes A" a solution by Erwin042

This is your starting point.
I'll have to explain how this works, what you need to do and what that spike does or mustn't do.
It's very delicate. If you do 1 step wrong, the spike could fall into the Void!

This is how the spike bounces around.
But how must the spike bounce in order to hit all the blocks?

This is what the spike has to do.
So you need something to do with the scritter.
The scritter has to order/turn the spike in the good direction.
So how? You have to walk to the scritter. But how?

Walk to the north like the yellow arrow
The scritter has to move down like the green arrow.
But how do you do it?

Walk up to here.
The scritter moved. But is it right?

You moved from the red circle one square right.
The scritter moved then from the first green circle to the second.
When the scritter is on the right spot, don't wait for the spike to hit on the scritter.
Then you'll be too late for the scritter's next move!!
Run around the rocks to the right, near the beginning/south of those rocks there.
Cos the scritter has to move a second time!
If the spike doesn't bounce on the scritter, the spikes falls in the Void,
and 2 blocks are left. So you failed.

So run around the rocks towards the red circle.
Now just walk 1 square diagonal so the scritter moves 1 square up diagonal too.
When the spike is returning, he has to turn at the scritter.
And the spike continues his path like the black arrow.

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