star 101 "Thwart Power Cubes B" a solution by Erwin042

Your goal: destroy the 7 blocks.

There are 7 blocks to blast. The fireflowers have to hit them.
You have to blink to a good spot, so the fireballs hit one or more blocks.
With all your knowledge of the fireflowers, it has to be easy now.
When the fireflowers want to shoot, blink to a new spot but not in their fireline.

I blinked like the black arrows.
The outmost right circle is my first moment to wait for the fireballs.
Then I blink towards the middle. And I blink to the left.

After those moves, the red block is the last to be blasted.

You can play this level in another way!!
This level is the easiest of the 4 Cubes levels.

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