star 103 "Thwart Powder Cubes D" a solution by Erwin042

Please read all the text to learn what you have to do.
Because timing is all in this level.
You have to know what's coming and what to do next.
If you know what's coming but not what you have to do next, then you'll fail.

What must you do?
You have to turn bouncers in that direction so the spike'll blast cubes.

This is the start position.
If you don't step on a switch, the spikes keeps bouncing around.

When you step on a switch the bouncer changes direction.
When the spike hits the next bouncer, he'll change direction too.
When you don't know what to do and step on a switch, in most cases your play's failed then.

Ideal view on the spike! You can't see this while playing.
You've to know the spike is there.
You'll see the spike's on the left. Then he bounces on the bottom right bouncer.
So he'll be going to the left.
But before he reaches this button, you have to act to reach your goal.

To start the play:
You step on the switch before you (where I'm standing now!)
Immediate after step on the next, left switch. Don't wait cos then it's too late!

start position phase 2 of the spike
Picture without guide line (arrows)

When the spike's come on the bottom bouncer on the left, the spike'll fly diagonal.
So it followed the yellow arrow.
While the spike flies diagonal, you have to get on the left switch.
(where I stand in picture)
So the bouncer (marked in green circle) changes direction.
So your spike flies in the same direction as in picture.
When you don't do anything or you'll be late for the next phase,
the spike will continue till he's off board. (the black arrows!)

This picture shows the spike's path to the finish.
But how do you do it?

My spike is not on the left bouncer.
I've to wait till the spike blew up the pink block and passed the right bouncer.
Then I step on that switch (like on the black arrow)

I finish .....

in 10 seconds.
So all this explanation is made for only a 10 seconds play!

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