Solution for Star 104:The Purple Shard


When you start, 3 of the seven Thwarts should be shooting at you.


Run down the path avoiding the Thwart’s fireballs.You should pass the red gate. It will close, and you will be in this room:


Step on the blue ‘Brr’ glove, and freeze these spaces in the south area:


After recharging your ‘Brr’ power, freeze these spaces in the north area:


Go back down to this point in the south area (The ‘Brr’ spots you placed should still be there):



You will need the ‘Blink’ glove for this part but first right click on the mouse to activate ‘Brr’ and freeze the Thwart. This next part is tricky, so pay attention!

1.Blink to the circled green ice pad.

2.Step up to get the first fiery key, then blink to the red circled piece of ground.

3.From there blink up to the space in front of the second fiery key, and get the key.

4.Blink back to the red circled piece of land. Don’t wait until the Thwart fires at you, then blink along the indigo/blue line. Blink to the ice pad diagonal from where you got the first fiery key, then run across till you get back into the room with the ‘Pop’, ‘Blink’, and ‘Brr’ symbols in them.

Told you it was complicated! And the picture:


Recharge your ‘Blink’ power.(note: In all these screenshots you might notice I have the ‘Brr’ glove on, but that’s because certain parts of the level for the solution I don’t have to go in and risk dying) After this, check your inventory. You should have two fiery keys in it. If not, you need to repeat the following steps. If your inventory is full, there is nothing you can do about it besides using a previous save or restarting the game. L Anyway, go back up to this position:


Slide across your ‘Brr’ pads. This next part is tricky. The Thwart done the hall is throwing fireballs at you. You need to ‘Blink’ through the fireballs. You need to do this:


(Note: I’m not in the above picture cause I keep on getting blasted cause I’m standing at the wrong spot while making this walkthrough) Be careful! I say this because it’s dangerous to do this and while I was making this walkthrough I blinked into a fireball and got burnt. Also be careful not to try blinking to far, I just did and got burnt again!

Okay, so I’m not good at blinking through fireballs. I don’t care. I just enjoy this level! Okay now I’m getting off topic too. Anyways, once you get through this blink fireball tunnel, you should be in here:


Well? Go nab the fiery key! Now you need to go back through the first tunnel; outblink the fireball this time. I find this exceptionally tricky, but once you do it, blink on to the middle ledge (or, if you’re daring enough or only have one blink left, go to the main room) without getting burnt. Then blink to the main area. Now we are almost done getting the purple shard! Fill your glove with yellow ‘Pop’ power. Stand at the position shown below. When the Thwart’s fireball is near the position in the above picture, run through the next gate until you are beside the white gate. Now pay attention to the button combo here. Hit each button with your ‘Pop’ power in order of the numbers (of course you’ll have to run and avoid Thwart’s Fireballs):



The white gate should now have lowered (even though in your game it will be rainbow colored until the white to rainbow timer is finished). Now step up to the next fiery gate and use a key. Wait until the Thwart does his shooting position, and run up to the next fiery gate and use the key. Repeat this process until all fiery gates are down. Now, what can I say about the next part? Run like heck to the purple shard! Grab it and complete the level by collecting the star! And the purple shard is in your grasp!


Solution and pictures by Loof101(Anthony)


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