Treasure Chamber/Sewers- star #11

For the opening of this adventure, timing is critical and very difficult without a spy-eye which you can get later in town. But, if you're intenet on finishing the adventure now, I suggest:

Step on the purple Blink pag to activate your glove. Blink to the right of the spike ball, then to the left of the next spikeball you see. If the timing is off, try again, blinking after waiting for the spikey to pass an extra time. If it's still off, wait for it to pass twice. Eventually you'll hit the timing.

You'll have to blink twice in a row really fast and then run to a safe spot. I, personally found it easier to do with a mouse/KB combo. (ie Blink-Blink-KB run.)

After you've made the second blink, you'll should be between the spikeball and the scritter. Start chasing the scritter all the way down the hall to the left, up around the corner and all the way back left where you can actually run him over to make him change directions and go back.

Carefully use the scritter to force the spikeball into the corridor that leads to the other 4 spikes, leaving the scritter at the opening to the hallway so he spikeball doesn't come back out.

Walk back to the right, up into the top corridor and just a tiny bit left. You want the scritter to stay at the opening to keep blocking the spikeball. Then Blink to the spot directly above the scritter (but not when the spikeball is directly next to him) and he'll start down the hallway where the spikeball is.

Now you can walk around and use the scritter to force that spike into the other room where the 4 are at. Have the scritter stand there to make sure no spikeys come back out. With 5 spikeballs in the room, all but 2 most of them will redirect each other into the water.

Time your steps carefully and walk past the last two spikesblass then quick blink to the other side of the water.

In the end, you'll use a total of 4 blinks. Two for the initial crossing, 1 to force the scritter down the hall, and 1 to jump the water to the gems.


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