star 14 "Water Works" a solution by Erwin042

You got on the transporter.
When you'll get off it, go to the gloves.

Blink to the transporter that's facing up.
Then turn off the gloves.
Go diagonal on the transporter aside. You could blink to there too!
Go offshore and recharge the gloves.

Now blink to the transporter facing right.
So you'll be transported to the right.
Get off this transporter.

Go stand before the lake. Before going anywhere, please save your game!!
You'll need to get on the transporter facing up.
When the left fireflower has just shot, blink to the transporter facing left.
Then immediately blink to the transporter facing up.
You might get shot by the fireflower (red circle), then load your last savegame.

I'm on the transporter going up!

First pick up the 2 red gems.
Then start from the "X"
blink to 1, transporter goes down.
blink to 2, transporter goes to the left, so aside transporter 1
blink to 3, transporter goes also to the left, so aside transporter 2
and blink to 4, so you go up.
And step off the transporter

I stood here to take a better picture.
You'll need only 2 blinks to reach the star and the green key!
This key is needed to open the green gate in the east of the sewers.
Go the the chamber with the gems. Collect the 2 coins and the 4 gems.
Walk to the left and stand before the water and blink just before the coins.
Don't blink in a coin. It's not possible. You'll loose a blink.
After collecting the 6 coins, blink back over the water and get to the star.

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