star 19 "To Catch a Thief"

Click to to position of the cursor for going to there.

Follow the pictures. Please save after each picture.
If you play like in the next picture and you fail,
you don't have to replay all the level back but only that last part!

Maybe some words are in place to explain what happens on the pictures.

The thwart gets away, follow him!

But till you have reached the starting point as in picture below

Click as in the picture. DO NOT STOP now. Continue as shown below.

Walk until you've reached the corner then point straight to the right.
Until you've reached the right corner. Then up to the wall.
Hide here a moment

Point as the cursor is. I'll notice the thwart is walking away!

He stepped on the logs. I've waited to see the thwart still wants to hit me!

Now you have to charge the blink gloves.
Walk back and get in front of the water, so blink over the water.
Then walk to the north until you reach the stop point as in picture below.

Now you can choose to open a gate. If you choose to go to the red switch, the moves will be the same.
Only then you have to go to the left of course.

I went to the yellow switch

I blink from the switch to the yellow gate and over it.
The thwart will run away again!
Now blink over the yellow switch and water. And get the star!

Outside the level you can grab the shard!

As written in the text. Then go back to Morklin to hear the next.

Solution by Erwin042

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