Solution for Star 20: Introducing Wysp!

When you step on the star to meet Morklin’s ‘acquaintance’, you should be in the room that has the teleporters of  The (non-working) Great Wonderland Gate. Step up the hall. You should see a small rainbow star in the corner. The closer you get to the top of the hall, it should run away. Chase it! It will fly over the water. Use the combination below to get across the water:

Hit the buttons in this order: Yellow (the star already pressed yellow), Red, Red, Green.

The green transporter should be reachable. Step on it to cross the water, and continue chasing the star. Eventually, it can’t move as it’s stuck at the end of the hall. Grab the star, finish the adventure, and meet the rainbow star, Wysp. Talk to him. He will tell you an interesting and helpful story…


Solution and pictures by Loof101 (Anthony)


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