star 22 "Firing Squad" solution by Erwin042

You can go either to the left or the right.
I'll go first to the left. It's a bit easier.
Now go stand before the red button.

After the fireflowers fired, I stepped on the red button to lower the red wall.
Then I moved before the ice and waited until the fireflowers shoot.

While their fireballs were coming in my direction I stepped north or south from the ice pillar.
The fireballs are returning to each fireflowers. So they'll be killed by their own fireball.
Then pick up the blue key and the coins after the key.
Then move to the right side and stand before the coin.

When the fireflowers shot, pick up the coin.
Then stand in front of the ice pillar and wait until the fireflowers shoot again.
Then move away from the pillar by going up or down.
The fireball of the middle fireflower will return to his shooter.
Then there is a free spot between the 4 fireflowers.
Go stand there after the fireflowers shot.

But when the fireflowers shoot again, step immediately to the right.
All fireflowers will kill each other!
Switch on the square button then.

This button will pop up 3 logs. Walk over it.
The coins on the left, you can only pick them up after you've got the indigo key.

When you step on the green button, the green gate will lower.
And the fireflowers will shoot now towards the ice. But always towards you.
So go directly where the red cross is.
When the fireflowers fired, move 1 square to the right.
The fireballs will return on the ice, and some fireflowers will die.
After each shot, step 1 square to the right.
So you take out more fireflowers.
repeat your moves until all fireflowers are dead.

There is a scritter!
First follow the red arrow, so the scritter moves on the path to the indigo button.
Move him on the button so the gate opens.

That's far enough! Now collect the first 2 coins, step on the button and collect the key.

Now for the upper 2 coins.
See what happened when I collected the left coin?
The scritter is off the button.
Now I have to walk like the red arrow towards the gate.
Don't walk aside the water! The scritter'll move further away off the gate.
And you can't put him again on the button.

I now chase the scritter back on the button as the yellow arrow.
So the gate opens.

Now step on the button, so the scritter is before you.
Chase him towards the green pushed button.

The scritter has to sit on that round button.
so the green logs pop up. And you can walk over them to collect the coins.
To move the scritter on the button, step on the pushed green button yourself.
and return so you can step on the green logs.
Don't step into the bouncers! First collect the 4 coins.

Then move to the south bouncer. Step into it and your over the water!
Now open the blue and yellow gates

You go to the turtles.
You have to direct them towards the water of 3 squares before the star.
So they'll make a bridge where you can walk over to reach the star.
But how can you direct the turtles?

You're in the turtle's path.
Now walk where the pointer is. You'll make a dead end for the turtles.
So they have to turn.

The turtles hit each other and change direction.
When the right one hits the wall, he'll move to the right.
Keep standing on your spot! Don't move until the last turtle is also moving to the right.

Let those two turtles go their way.
One has got into the water.
The second one'll go into water too safely.


When the last turtle is moving to the right, run also to the right.
You're faster than the turtle.

Step on the left turtle.
You don't have to activate the button.
When you don't stand on this turtle, the last one will not go into the water,
but he will step on the button and ends up in the 1 water square. So the wrong way!

Now over the turtles and get the star.

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