Spoiler #23 Pop Springs by Loirae

Walk down over the bridge that breaks behind you.
Carefully go left, dodging fireflower
Power up your Pop Glove

Of the two down Red Gates, Stand on the left open gate (numbers correspond to images):
Pop the transporter facing down (1)
Pop the transporter to the right of that which is facing left (2)
Ride the transporter up, but stay on it.
Pop the far right transporter to pull it to you (3)
Pop the Up facing transporter that is to your left (4)
Step up.
Pop the transporter to you right to send it down the corridor (5)
Step down and ride to shore.
Recharge your glove

Ride up and step on next ransporter to ride to the left. Cross to shore, hitting red button.
Do not waste ANY shots here.

Pop the three buttons along the top row (marked with a "P")
Bounce off of the top two buttons on the left (marked with a "B"). The transporters will carry you back to shore.
Pop the bottom left button (marked with a "P")
Walk down to the bridges and pop the last two buttons to complete the bridge.

Collect gems and hit green button.

Walk to the yellow transporters and Pop the side one to bring it to you.
Step onto the open Green gate and pop the last two transporters to arrange rides to coins and exits.

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