star 27 "Helping Friends" by Erwin042

In the game you'll see blue gates and indigo gates. I use the colours that are used in the game.
I know a lot of people use these colours reversed

Some people say this is a blue gate. But in WA it is an indigo gate! And all the way up this route is a blue switch.
Keep this in mind. Also for future Adventures!

Where the pointer is, there you have to go. Also follow the guidelines in this text.

Collect the coins and walk to the yellow glove. Walk to the bridge on the other logs.

go up to the corner and pop the red button to get the red gates open.

The yellow, green and orange switches are for something else.

The green switch moves the green gates, those are below the glove, down.
Just before those green gates lie 3 turtles.
When the green gates open, the turtles walk up the bridge and are walking furhter away.
Wait and see where they are going! There is no action needed from you at this point!

Do you see where that turtle went into the water?

Well on the other half, there has to come another turtle as well.
So you need to made a bridge to walk over to the next room.

Watch where the yellow, orange and red gates are now. There is a turtle walking around.
You need this turtle to make the bridge complete.

Here we go to make that bridge complete!
When this moving turtle has passed the orange gate, you have to pop the orange switch.
When the turtle has passed the yellow switch, you have to pop the yellow switch.

Now the turtle turns towards the red gate. So you need to pop the red switch quickly.

Then you are as in the picture above! See the bridge made by the 2 turtles?

Before the 2 bridges lie still 2 turtles. you'll need them too further on

Now walk towards the point as in picture the picture below.

You'll have to wake up the stinkers and step on the pink switch. Somewhere opens a pink gate!
Now return with the 2 stinkers to the centre. So move the stinkers shown in the picture.

When you switch on the button after the pink gate, 2 logs will raise up where the turtles lie.
So watch out where they are going.

Your stinkers will change the directions of the turtles. So they go to the left into the water.
There you have to switch on the indigo button, so the indigo gate opens.

Now pick up 1 stinker to accompany you. First move him on the indigo gate.

Then walk towards the 3 gates (red, yellow and orange) and move the stinker with you on his path.

Then walk to the north, so you see the blue switch in the path where your stinker is standing.
So move the stinker to the switch. Leave him there. Now return to the pink gate.
Besides the pink gate the blue gate opened. Go in there.

Now you see 4 transporters and some coins.
Walk to the water.
Pop the red transporter. Ride it. Get the coin.
Pop the orange transporter. Ride it. Get the coin.
Pop the yellow transporter. Ride it. Get the 2 coins.
And finally pop the green transporter with your last pop. Ride it and pick up the coins.
Now use those 4 transporters again to return towards the blue gate.
Then walk all the way to the north. So enter the blue gate and pick up gems and coins first.
Then go to the star to get your key

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