star 28 "Lazy Leaf Race" a solution by Erwin042

The stinker, Racerooni, is running around.
When he stops for a moment, talk to him.
He'll challenge you for a race.

This is the start. If you don't start to run, the race will not start at all.
Racerooni has a big lead. He'll have this for a long way until...
The red circle is the beginning of the path.
Racerooni will always be first in 3/4th of the race.
You can't point over him.
So point small steps.

I give an overview of the track.
The red arrows indicate how far you have to point out to.
Don't point out far ahead, then you are lost your way. You'll turn around and loose.


Around the entrance of this cave, Racerooni runs more south than he's supposed to.
This is your chance to take the lead.
Racerooni stays more along the fences.

I'm just taking the lead here.
Racerooni will not be able to run around that fence. He'll be disorientated.
The same could happen to you too, when Racerooni is faster than you.

Nearly to the star!

The end of the race.

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