Solution for Star 30:Good Flower, Bad Flower


To start off, move down to this location without being burnt:

When the Fireflowers start shooting, move down. The Fireflowers should shoot each other. Step on the bridge button in the lower left-hand corner. A bridge forms across the water. Walk down the bridge to this room:

Keep in mind that the Fireflower in the bottom left-hand corner rotates. Use this knowledge in the button combo timing so all flowers are destroyed.

Hit the buttons in this order:





All Fireflowers in this area should be destroyed.

Run across the bridge to the next room.Run along the green arrow to destroy the Fireflowers, and follow the red arrow for coins:

After following the green arrow and hitting the button thatís off screen, stand where the gate used to be. When the Fireflowers start shooting, step out of the way and the flowers should die, and you should finish the level.


Solution and pictures by Loof101(Anthony)


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