stars 32&33 "The red shard" and "after the red shard" solutions by Erwin042

You can always enter this level.
To open the doors here, you'll need to have mushrooms keys.
Those keys you'll find in the mushroom area.
The mushroom area contains following Adventures where you get a key at the level's end:
1. Turtle Power
2. Firing Squad
3. Pop Springs
4. Turtle Race
5. Pop & Blink
6. Chomper Cave
7. Helping Friends
8. Lazy Loof race
9. Good Flower, bad Flower
There are 9 levels where you'll get a mushroom key after finishing the level.

There is one stinker in that area, who'll give you a free key.
But when you talk to him 2 times again, he will show you a new Adventure "Out of Sight".

At the market place there is also 1 stinker, Patooters, selling mushrooms.
Talk to him and ask for the mushroom key.
He'll give it to you.

After opening 8 gates with those mushroom keys, you'll play to get a golden star.
After finishing (within seconds) you'll receive the red shard.

But in the north is also an extra golden star.
When you've picked up 3 more mushroom keys, you found in the above list where they are,
you can collect a token and coins.
You can finally open the 11th mushroom gate to pick up that extra key.

I made the picture after I'd played the levels, so all objects were taken.
That's why there are no objects in the pictures anymore.

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