star 36 "Powder Keg Storage" solution by Erwin042

Start position. This here is the only safe position before you are near the buttons (see later)

When passing the fireflowers I'm in no position to save my game. I would be shot after reload!

If you can: please use the spy-eye to explore the whole area. So you'll see what you can expect.
Your goal is to collect 16 gems. There are 9 gems besides the gates. The others are in the cellar.
To go to those gems you need all 6 scritters. Cos they have to switch the buttons so the gates open.

Please stop everytime I wrote.
If you want to go faster, you've got the unlucky chance a fireball is shot in your direction.
But you're walking around and that fireball may hit a keg. Then scritters sit near the kegs so they die.
So you can't go thru the gates and you can't collect all the gems!
And that's not what we want. Cos we need all 6 scritters alive to sit on those buttons.
If 1 scritter dies because of 1 exploding keg, your game is over. So reload!

I'm before that wall. The best place to go to, is just to stand in line with th fireflower.
So you point just behind the wall. I leave my position just after a shot has been fired.
When I start later, the fireflower may aim at me moving and then his shot ends in the kegs (see above)

So I wait just in the fireline of the fireflower.
When the fireflower shoots, or going to shoot (you'll see his head is moving),
I went diagonal 1 square (to next circle) and I stop.
When the flower shoots again, I walk to right (third white circle)
So again before the wall. Now I watch to the next fireflower and I redo the moves like above.

After each shot I moved
When I stand on that position just near the upper wall, my next end point can be
the square before the wall, so I step 1 square diagonal
or I walk immediately behind the wall as before

Then I repeat all previous moves (see red arrow)
Until I'm in next picture

Now I'm at the most right side.
See the fireflower has just shot. On the next shot, I walk along the kegs.
I must get passed them before the fireflowers shoot in my direction.
So the fireballs hits the kegs and explode.
I have to be behind the next walls to be safe. I don't even stop. I'll keep moving!
There are the scritters!

action picture! I'm garding the scritters hoping them to move with me to the left.
I'm nearly at the gates! Yippie!
If some scritters stay near the big wall, don't mind. Just keep running to the left.
It's for your own safety!
But if 1 scritter moves towards the kegs, I'm dead or I need to reload (again?)
Some scritters will stay behind. I have to go back later to move them to the left too.
But there is no time for this now. I have to go to the buttons!!

I'm safe. But not there to rest! Now you can save your game. Cos the most explosive danger is gone.
But the fireflower keep firing. It's you they want
There are 2 or 3 scritters left behind! I have to move them also to the buttons.
The scritters that where moving with me to the buttons, I can move them on the buttons.
I'll see the gates'll go open.
But first getting those other scritters back where I want them to be!!


I return here to the fireflowers. I'm staying in the open area.
I'll keep moving. I walk in 1 straight line until I saw all scritters left.

Now I can return to the big wall and gard the scritters to the left.
I'll move them first from the big wall then I stand in the middle and last I stay on the middle walls.

I stay to the walls until all scritters are on the left.
Then I'll move them step by step towards the others (see the red arrows)
Until all 6 scritters sit on the buttons and the gates open.

I go thru the gates.
I'm not picking up these gems yet. They're the last ones. (see pic36x)
Otherwise the scritters will leave there buttons! And I maybe trapped not being able to go to the cellar!
I'll take the ladder to the cellar now.

I'm in the cellar now.
The fireflower keeps firing at me.
The gems are on the right. How do I get there?
Stand in the red circle. Wait until the fireflowers shoots and move then 1 square up.
So the fireballs hits the keg.
There's going to be a chain reaction! Cos there are more kegs exploding.
When the first keg explodes move to the north (like the red arrow)

Oh? there is a scritter? He moves away?
Yes, there is a red gate blocking the gems.
That scritter will sit on a red button so the gate opens.
And I've collect the gems.

Keep moving! don't wait to watch the explosion!
Even not when you're thru the red gate.
The fireflower still lives and he can shoot you.

action picture!

collect all gems and go back up!!!!

Please check the gems left to collect.
There are 9 red gems on the left.
Is this correct with the ones I still need?
Yes? so collect those and you receive the star!
No? Sorry but then you have to reload!

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