star 38 "The Package" by Erwin042

Follow the red arrows like on the pictures
Each arrow represents the square total you have to move over.
Walk exactly like on the pictures. Otherwise the scritters don't move like they supposed to move!

Little explanation for picture below:
From starting point follow the arrows.
When you are finally at the red gate again, you'll see scritter has moved from the red circle to the other.
Now move towards the pointer. The scritter moves further away.


Picture below:
Follow exactly the red arrows. If you are before the logs, go around like the pink line.
Don't just point out before the door entrance. Then the scritter is not where we want him!
Walk first to the black "X" then back south and so up to the entrance.
The scritter moves from one green circle to the others.

Picture below:
From within the entrance move diagonal. So the scritter will go on the yellow button.
Leave him there and go back to the starting point. Don't point directly to the red gate.
Point in little steps, so you don't get under a cage!

Now go towards the last 2 scritters so move them into the room. Stop in the entrance.

Picture below: point just like in the picture. One scritter will walk right in the middle.

Pictue below: move just up until you are facing the scritter on the yellow button too.
The left scritter will sit on the red button.

Now return to the left gates and get the package.

You will get the star.....and the arcade will go open. Now it's time to spend those tokens on the game machines!

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