star 39 "Tower Maze" a solution by Erwin042

At the north of the corn fields, there's this stinker between the corn.
Talk to him. He'll give you a pink key to open the Lookout Tower of the Castle Creepy Keep.

Then go south, along the closed castle if you like, to the Lookout Tower.
The Creepy Keep itselfs stays closed. There is no other Adventure!
Open the door with the pink key and...

...enter the Tower.
You're now starting the Adventure.

You're at the 1st floor. This is the card of the 1st floor!
You'll need this picture later on in the Adventure!

In each corner there is a red arrow.
You can enter the arrows on the left. But the ones on the right side are entered elsewhere.
So the wooden doors aren't opening.

The arrow at the bottom leads to the cellar. You'll need a lamp or something glowing to enter here.
The arrow at the top leads to the 2nd floor.

First go to the cellar. So take the arrow at the bottom. (green circle)

You entered the cellar.
In front of you is a coin. Pick it up and move like the white arrow to the right.
Then go up!

Noticed the yellow key? Yellow circle. You'll need this to go the top of the Lookout Tower!

Once back up you're in the area of the orange circle (look at card of 1st floor)
Activate there the orange button so the orange gate in the lower corner opens.

Return then to the cellar.

You're back in the cellar.
Pick up the coin (white circle) and walk like the white arrow.
You'll go back up to the first floor.
You could go the same way back as you came. But then you probably miss that coin!

At the 1st floor, take the red arrow at the top (look at card of 1st floor, red circle)

You're now on the 2nd floor. This is the card of the 2nd floor!
Once again, there are 4 corners, each has a red arrow.
You came out of the orange circle!!

Go now to the arrow in the white circle.
So back to the 1st floor. (look card of the 1st floor)
There you'll be in the right bottom corner. (black circle)
The orange door is open.
So go thru the orange door to that red arrow.
You'll go down to the cellar.

Pick up the yellow key.
Go back up to the 1st floor.
And go back up to the 2nd floor. (look card of the 2nd floor)
Now go the red arrow at the top right corner (red circle)

You're on the 3rd floor. So this picture is the card of the 3th floor!
Step on the green button so the green door opens.
In picture the green door is already open!
Go back to the 2nd floor.

Look at the card of the 2nd floor.
Take there the red arrow at the bottom left corner (blue circle)
You'll be back at the 3rd floor. (see card of the 3th floor)
Run to the yellow door and open it.
Go up to the Lookout.

Here is the golden star.
But first collect the 8 gems and the 6 coins!

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