star 43 "Cross Roads level 1" a solution by Erwin042

Your goal:
Bring the stinker to the exit.

Wake up the stinker.
See to it that the stinker doesn't get on the spike's path while waiting!

There is a gap created where you can go thru.
You can choose to take the stinker with you or not.
If you don't take the stinker with you, just move him thru first.
Then between a next cap, you can pass. This is the safest way but the longest.

We are almost across!
Stop at the edge before the water.Or move the stinker away from the spikes!

The stinker has to move to the middle red door. (red arrows)
All you have to do, is to fix the transporters together so the stinker can get on the right island first.

Step on, step off and step on the transporter (1), you are before the green log.
Now you'll need a transporter that block the movement of this transporter.
So you step on transporter (2), ride to the left. Step off and back on.

So you stop aside transporter (1).
Now move the stinker on the middle transporter and wait for the green log to pop up.
Then move the stinker on the island.

Move the stinker on the transporter leading to the middle island.

The stinker is on the middle island.
And I moved him on the transporter leading to the red door.
Now move him to the exit (red arrow)
When the stinker pushes the red button the red door closes.
Don't move the stinker on to button. But straight to the exit!
And you've finished this level!

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