star 44 "Brick Buster Level 1" solution by Erwin042

Your goal is to collect all gems before all blocks are destroyed by the spikes.

First collect the pink and green gems in red circle: the very first gems to collect, that pink and green gem

then the other green and pink gems down there

The spikes come like the first yellow arrow.
The gems (in the red circle and where I stand) are in the path of the spikes. You must collect these first.
Or the first spike hits the first keg.
Then you have to pick up the other pink gem and green gem (pink circle).
If you do it in this order, you have followed the yellow arrow.
That makes a clear path too for the spikes.
But you need to pick up the yellow gem.
If you don't do this, the spike will end up in the second keg.
For you're own safetly (cos otherwise you can forget to collect them) pick up every other gem that
is in front of the blocks.

You can wait now to see how the spikes will go.
They come from above, hit the red gem, turn left and hit the yellow gem, then turn and go on to the blocks.

Now it's your mission to make the way free for the spikes, so they can destroy the blocks.
But you can make more points to collect all gems.
So before the last block is destroyed, you have to work a way out to collect also all gems.

Pick up the gems circles in yellow. Watch out of the yellow one.
The spikes may not be in the neighbourhood!


Go to the right side now.
Pick up the pink, green and green gems.
When a spike is approaching, you pick up the orange gem. Don't collide! And get out of the spike's way!
So the spike turns at the yellow gem and blasts another row of blocks!
The second spike may now take the upper most right column so take the yellow gem away.
Don't take that pink gem yet!
Now you're standing like in the picture to the right!

Go back left.

  first you'll have to make a new path so a spike can blast those 3 remaining row of blocks away.
pick up the left pink and next the orange away. Don't do it when a spike's coming!
What you get? see picture to the right

now that that pink gem away after the blast!
So the remaining spike will go like in arrow 1. Don't pick up the yellow and indigo gems yet.
You may pick up every other gem that is left. But the only last gems that you have to pick up are spotted in pink!
You may not pick up the red and green gems at the start of the yellow arrows '2' and '3' yet!
Pick up all the others so you end up like in the picture below:

Now pick up the yellow, indigo and red gems, so the spike bounces onto the next row blocks (that arrow 2)
Now go stand before the green gem (like the red circle in picture above or below)

When you pick up the green gem, immediately go back and let the spike pass.
When the spike is going to the blocks, pick the last red gems.

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