star 45 "Blast"Em Level 1" a solution by Erwin042

Your goal is to kill all fireflowers.
To do that you have to lower the red gates.
So each fireflower will be hit by its own fireball.
Cos the fireballs return the moment they hit the ice wall.

You can wait a few seconds until you've seen the fireballs hit the chomper,
and then start walking.
Step towards the red wall. (black arrow)
Then go straight to the right. (red arrow)
The chompers are slower than you. While the fireflowers are shooting, the chompers will be killed.
So don't wait for them.
On the outmost right go straight along the wall all the way.(red arrow)

Until you are in straight line with that red button. (white arrow)
There is still 1 chomper behind you!

When the nearest fireflower has fired (red circle), walk to the button.
Don't bother about that last chomper (green circle),
he will be killed as soon as you walk to the red button.

When this fireflower has shot before you came in line with the button,
then you die. you can't wait.
The nearest fireflower will shoot the moment you arrive there. Then you must go to the button.

When the fireflower after you has fired (white ircles),
you need to be on the button.
The one near you will not shoot.
The one in the yellow circle shoots. Then the one in the black circle.
When this fireflower has shot, it's your moment to run to the leftside of the wall.
By the time you are at the left, the fireflowers on the rightside from the button shoot.

Sometimes you have to wait for a fireball to get passed!!

Wait until the last fireflower is died to finish the level.
See the number in red circle is decreasing?

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