star 46 "Wonderland Adventure Level 1" a solution made by kleef079 and Erwin042

On start you're standing before the yellow gate. Your goal is to open this yellow gate.
To do so, you need to find keys to open gates.

You need a good working lamp or a glowing gem to lighten the dark rooms.

On the main room, you can go to the left or to the right. There are new chambers, mazes.

Standing before the yellow gate, you walk down into the main room.
You first go to the left. There is a red arrow where you'll enter a new room.

On entering this new room, go to the right and enter the orange teleporter.
You'll be teleported to the left of this maze.
There you walk straight to the right. And you'll end up like in the next picture.

You've followed the black arrow. In the north you see a white key (green circle).
Go over there and pick it up.

Afterwards, you've to walk all the way back to the main room. Just the same way as you did.

By returning at the main room, walk all the way to the right.
You'll see a red arrow.
On entering this room, is going to be dark inside!

So go right till the end of the path and go down. Use the blue transporter.
I'll be teleporter all the way to the left of this maze.

At the bottom you've to enter the next room.
Please save your game here, it's going to be very tricky!
In this next room, there is a chomper!
You need to run to the white gate in the north of this room.
There you have to open this gate with your white key.
Then pick up the red key.
Be aware of that chomper. He'll be very close at your back!

To avoid the chomper, you have to run aside the white castle in the corner.
When he's close on you, like in the picture, run towards the wall and
point ahead to exit and to the red arrow so you run for the exit.
I've waited a little second so the chomper was around the corner.
When I moved directly to the wall, the chomper can run diagonal to the wall and got me.

On your return in the dark room, it's back to the main room.
So take the same way back as you came.
In the main room, walk all the way to the left side. Enter there.

You came from the left side in the main room.
You walked to the right and took the orange teleporter.
Then you walked all the way, like the bottom black arrow.
On your right was the way to the white key.
Now you need to take the green teleporter at the top!
In the next room, there is a chomper coming! So watch out!

But the point where the chomper is coming from, is where you need to be!

So you have to allure the chomper first to you.
It's a bit to the left from the green teleporter.
Maybe you need to wait also a bit before the chomper is near you, like in the picture.
Now go back towards the green button. Don't enter the teleporter!

After stepping off the button, walk to the right (like the black arrow)
When the chomper is coming down to the green button, start your way to the left.
The chomper is slow. So he can't catch you while you're running.

Now walk all the way up to the north. The chomper'll go after you!!

At the top, you need to open the red gate with your red key.
You then enter the red castle. It's a dark room again!

Take the left path up.
Then walk like the white arrows in the picture.

The yellow arrows show you the path you took.
The white arrows show you the path you have to take.
At the end there is a teleporter.

On exit of teleporter go left.
There is the yellow key!
Pick it up and return to the main room! That's easier said than done.
On exit out of this red dark castle, the chomper is coming at you.

So try walking in a corner. (in picture on the left)
And try to pass that chomper!
Then go back to the green teleporter (it's on the right bottom)

Back at the main room.
Open the yellow gate.
And enter the yellow castle.
In there is the golden star.
But be aware a chomper is getting also to the star.So be first!

I've got the star!!

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