star 47 "Slip & Slide"

There are 2 entrances to the ice and 1 red gate on the left.

First go the the left entrance. When finished the left, the red gate opens.
Then only you've to play the right.
If you start at the right, you can't reach the entrance again.
See picture too! This is a deadend.

So stand before the left entrance:
step on ice, right, up, left, got the orange!
down, right, down, got the yellow!
up, left, up, got the green!
down, right, up, step on button, pick the red!
step on button, left, step again on button and step left again, now the gate stays open!
down, you're on the red gate. So go to the right.

Step on the ice, right, up, left, up, right, got the pink!
left, down, right, up, got the orange!
left, down, right, got the indigo!
left, up, got the red!
right, up, left, down, left. Here you can go 2 ways to pick up the last gems:

a short way or a long way. I take the short way!
down, got the green!
up, right, down, left, got the blue, the last one!!!

Solution by Erwin042

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