48 "Stinkers on Ice"

First collect the coin and the gems. Then move to the next ice path.

Go to this start position and slide over the ice to the stinker.
So you wake him up. Then collect the coins.
Move the stinker to the right. You slide back first. Then let the stinker slide.
Now go 2 steps to the right and step on the ice.
Move the stinker 1 square to the right a put him again on the ice.

The red arrows are the direction you have to follow.
The green arrows are the directions the stinkers make.

So follow the red arrow like in the picture.

Get top the middle first. Then move the stinkers to the middle or leave them at their spot

Follow the red arrows to get the next stinker in the middle.

If the 2 stinkers from above aren't yet in the middle, then do it now.
Otherwise they can fall asleep and then you need to wake them up.
So they'll move from the ice to positions you don't want them to go like in the water.

Picture below: get the stinker on the red button.

On the far left side is the 4th stinker.
Go on the icepaths from the south to the west. There you find the 4th one

Get the 4th stinker on the ice move him to the north. Move him to the rightside.
You go from the south back to the middle. Don't accompany the stinker
because at the end you bump into him and he gets into the water.

You have to get the stinker off the ice. So you have to go up from the middle to the north.
Move the 4th stinker to the middle.

Move every stinker to a new position so they don't fall asleep.
The stinker on the red button has left his position so he doesn't fall asleep.
Now you have to move the stinkers towards you. So you'll get to the picture below:

Move the 2nd and 3th stinker inline to the red gate and so to their ending point.

Move the stinker on the red button off the button and back to you in straight lines.
So he ends up like in picture below:

The stinker before you has to slide back to the middle. So have you.
Now this stinker must go on the red button. See picture:

So you move the stinker standing before the gate, to his exit.

The last stinker has to go also to the exit.

First move the stinker on the ice south then to the left. Now you have to go the same way.
You two will collide but the stinker doesn't go in the water.
Move him on the logs to the exit.

The end for this Adventure.

Solution by Erwin042

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