star 5 "Frostbite Cave" solution by Erwin042

In this entire game there are 2 colours that can be mixed up
the blue button and gate you'll notice in this level, are called indigo button and gate
the light blue colour, we call blue.
So in this level is an indigo button and an indigo gate. I use those terms in my solution!

Step on the red arrow to go down!

I stepped on the ice. I'm sliding!
Step back on the ice where the red circle is.
Then you'll pick up all gems.
Don't go up yet. It's blocked with 2 gates. That's the way to the exit!

Read the sign!
Don't know where to step on the ice? Follow the red line.
If you want to go diagonal in the future (in other levels) like in picture below, you'll end up in the water!
So don't point directly on the ice when you aren't in front of the ice piece yet.
You may end up in the water too.

Now collect the coins and see next picture

if you step on the ice (in the pink circle), you'll slide to the pink button.
There you pick up the 2 coins too. Now return like the same way you came.
If you wan to go to the indigo button,
you'll step towards the circle then on the ice (in the yellow circle),
you'll slide first back from the point you came (from previous picture)
then follow the yellow lines. To return to the exit just step back on the ice.
When you want to go to the exit, just follow the black arrows

How to get to the exit? Follow the black arrows.

after your slide on the ice, you'll end up on the indigo gate.
Now step back on the ice on the left.
So you get the star and the blue key.
Outside you can use this key to open the blue gate.

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