Pick up the coloured gems in reverse order on how the rainbow is laid.
But here is the way you have to follow.

Right, down, purple,
up, left, blue,
right, down, left, up, left, up, light blue,
left, up, green, right, yellow,
left, down, right, up, orange,
down, left, down, left, up, red.

Down, right, purple,
left, down, left, blue,
right, up, light blue,
right, green,
up, right, yellow,
up, right, orange,
left, red.

Down, right, purple,
left, up, right, blue,
left, up, light blue,
right, down, right, down, green,
up, right, down, right, up, left, down, left, yellow,
down, right, orange,
up, right, red.

Solution made by Craig22

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