star 51 "Blink on the Rocks"

Warning: save your game every time you are at a save position. So you can reload when you are dead or did a wrong move!

step on the Blink-charger!

Now follow the arrows on pictures:


On picture (left), you slide towards the scritter. The scritter will slide to the left. Wait a second.
Then slide also that way.
Now you'll see there is a coin and an orange button.
The scritter is making rounds.
You first collect the coin.
If you colide, the stinker slides to the orange button.
If not, see picture (right)!

When the scritter is on the button don't slide back. But blink towards the entrance.
See picture for your movements:

Then step on the Blink charger.
And step north on the ice so you are at the start position as you see in picture:

Now blink towards the "X". That is nine times. So you'll run out of blinks. Step left to leave the ice.
Now you are as in picture:

Move towards the scritter. You need to recharge!
Then blink over the water. You can't blink over the scritter.
And blink to the "X". So you'll end up on the green button.
Step on the ice. And walk to the start position as in picture:

Wait until the first 3 logs are up. Don't blink now. You'll need all you blinks.
Or first watch what the logs do. Then proceed. There is a sequence where the 3rd logs disappear and the 4th appear.
So you'll fall in the water.

Be quick if the 4th and 5th will appear cos the 3th one disappears after. And walk on the yellow switch.
Now you are save again. So save your game again.

When the log before you appears: blink. Cos for that last piece is no log.

First collect the coins then.

Now stand before the bouncer. Wait until the first 3 logs appear. Step into the bouncer.
And walk on those logs! that's all in picture below!

So walk again to the green button.
You see in picture above I've 3 blinks left. Enough to get to the first red open gate.

Return to the starting point. Get a last recharge but you don't need it all just 1 blink.
you have to collect the gems.
On the yellow gate you blink and get the star!

Solution by Erwin042

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