star 53 "Learning to Brr" solution by Erwin042

start with talking to the blue wizard.
He'll tell you what to do next.
Now Brr on the water, an ice piece'll cover the water.
If you step on it, it'll break and you fall into the water.
So it isn't something to stand on.
You'll need it to get across the water.
So point at the icepath in the alley. You'll pick up the gems.
Remember this too: if you crossed ice pieces, you'll always stop behind the pieces.
You've to point out a new position to go further!

Just talk to the blue wizard on what to do next.
What do you do next?
Go near the next 'river'. The chomper will follow you on every side.
But you have to go thru that blue gate! How?
Well by freezing the chomper. But he must sit on the button.

So stand before the button. The chomper follows and steps on the button.
now Brr (or freeze) him. See? The gate opens.
Don't wait till the chomper is unfrozen. Cos when you move to the gate, it will close again!

now go to thosee gloves to recharge.
You can Brr all the water first by standing on the gloves.
If you step off the gloves, you're hits will decrease. Just like the blinking gloves.

Keep in mind you've to return a second time. So covering all the water isn't quit necesarry.
But it's fun doing it. Like I did!

After the pratice, I went back and made 3 bridges. I crossed one. And went down.
There I made a bridge towards the coins.
You've got now also 5 Brr's left.
If you haven't made a path back to the gloves, you can't pick up coins. You need 4 to get back
and 3 to get back to the gloves.
So preparing other bridges is still a got idea if you begin on the gloves.

Now I've got 5 Brr's left.
I can go across, but then I only can Brr 1 piece on the water in direction of the coins on the left.
So I'd better return and charge up. And I return with 9 Brr's!

As you see, you've charged the gloves again.
I numbered the pieces I need to get to the coins and to get over the water to the blue gate.
You need all 9 Brr's to get to the blue gate.
Be careful not to Brr twice or at a wall.
Make the first 3 pieces on the spot as in the picture.

I've collected the 4 coins.
I only need to Brr 1 piece here. Then I can get across.

Now I'm over the water and standing in front of the blue gate.
I've only 2 Brr's left for making that bridge to the gate.

I stand on the gloves! Now what? first save game! Cos things can go wrong here very fast!
First Brr a piece on the water. Please stay on the gloves. So you don't have to go back to charge up.
When stepping on the red button, the red gates will open and chomper will rush to you.
How to get passed?

By freezing each chomper!
Now go past the frozen chompers and go up. Have you still 3 Brr's left. I hope so!

Cos you need 3 Brr's to make a bridge to the golden star.
Don't wait until the chompers're unfrozen!! Get that star!!!

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