55 - Red Chomper Red Key

Brr to and from the Red Twister Button so spring faces down....

Get Coins
Brr 6 spaces (as far as you can) down ; re-load
Go Down
Brr Last 2 spaces, BUT DO NOT GO DOWN
Brr Back up ; re-fill
Brr top 3 spots ; re-fill
Go down get coins and Brr back up ; re-fill
Brr to spring and get sprung down and left

1st Key (Bottom Right)
Go down to bottom and wait for 2nd chopmer to come
Brr both chopmers and top space
quickly go across ; get key ; Brr back...

2nd Key( middle on same land as 1st key)
Hit Brown square Button ; re-fill BRR
Brr to 1st barrel
Slide and get key
Stand on 2nd barrel
Brr back

3rd key and jewels (upper right 2 - areas)
Brr one spot right next to chomper, he'll kill himself
Brr to get key and than go around to top of puzzle to brr and get jewels

4th key (island)
Brr and kill 3 of the 4 chompers that are on the island (make sure to save 1)

Brr "hall" and bottom 2 spots to island ; re-fill

Brr last spt to island and than RUN up the hall
Wait for chopmer to come around the long way and than Brr him so he ends up on the Orange button
Quickly brr to island get last key and than brr off, use you 4 keys to get out!

Soultion by: jperleevt

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