star 56 "Frozen Doors" solution by Erwin042

Where the pointer is in a picture, that is the point where you have to go to.
Green arrow means the scritter is moving to that position.
Here're a blue gate and blue key. The game calls it blue. We call it indigo. I
use 'blue' in the text!

Step on the ice. The bouncers will bounce you to the gloves.

make a bridge with 5 ice pieces.

go to the pointer.

then walk to the green gate and Brr on the water. So the scritter
can move to the green button.
move back to the pointer

move till you are in line with the scritter. Move to his position.
So he'll move to the next green circle.

so freeze the scritter and move to the pointer. And wait until the
scritter has been unfrozen.
He move straight into the green gate.Step then to the green gate. The scritter
will go on the green button.
Now go to the yellow gate.

move just before the yellow button. Don't step on it! Otherwise
you can't return!
So the scritter will move to the pink button, meaning the pink gate opens.

you're now thru the pink gate. Move the scritter up the ice to
the red button.
Step on the ice. You'll be on the red button.

The scritter left the ice. You've switched places.

Now get on the ice and move the scritter till he sits on the
orange button then freeze him!
Now you can enter the orange gate. But now you have to move quicker!
You only have time till
the scritter has been unfrozen. If you're still collecting coins and the scritter is
alive again,
he will move off the button and you are trapped! So be fast!!

Brr 2 pieces before the ice. Choose which way you want to go
and step on the ice.
You'll get back the other way collecting all coins. Now move thru that
orange gate before the scritter is alive again!

you're behind the orange gate and the scritter left the button.
Now move the scritter to the red button (like in picture #7)

the scritter stays on the red button. So the red gate stays open.
Go over there.

just walk over the yellow switch. Across the water are a blue
and a yellow key.
That yellow key opens the yellow door. So go on!
Brr an ice piece left (or right). The chomper will step on it and
Then brr on the water and collect the 2 keys.
Brr back on the water. Go to the blue gate, open it, step on the ice and
collect the gems.
You'll end at the star!

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