star 57 "Mountain Rescue" solution by Erwin042

I've made this solution as simple as possible! So it's a very long one! Almost every step is explained.

step on the gloves and brr on the water, go back to the gloves. slide over the ice!
You'll need 9 Brr's to complete this level!!

You have to rescue the 6 stinkers on the right and 1 after the gates

Therefore I've divided the level in 3 parts.
Part 1 is rescueing the 4 stinkers sleeping across the lake!
Part 2 is rescueing the 2 stinkers behind the 2 spikes
Part 3 is getting to the exit so waking up the last stinker too.


First overview


Brr 3 ice pieces on the lake just like in the picture.
This is needed so the transporters can stop there. Don't ever step on those 3 pieces to get across!!!
I've numbered the transporters. If I refer to 4, I'll mean take transporter 4.
"SF" means Step off; "SO" means and Step On; SFSO means step on and step off the transporter!
I marked the small island with a yellow "X", I refer to this in the text with "X"

Now act!
First you've got to collect the gems and coins in the top right corner.

Take 1, step off
take 2, SFSO
take 3, SFSO, step off
take 2, step off and step on
you're across now!

Go to the top right corner! So Brr the water. Collect the 3 gems and 3 coins and Brr back.
So you see you've only 4 Brr's left!

Now onto the stinkers!

I use the transporter to get me across.
I move each time 1 stinker across with 1 Brr to "X" and using transporters.
More complicated way is to move the stinker on 2 and you get over with 1 Brr but then you have to change places to get the transporters back in start position.

Let's get the stinkers across now!!
Wake up a stinker and move him before "X", put yourself before 2
Now Brr a piece towards "X" (so stinker can get across water)

I call this the start position =

Get 1 stinker across now:

stinker to 'X', you on 2 and SF
stinker on 3 (diagonal!), SFSOSO (so the transporter comes back in start position)
stinker on 1 and move him towards the corner
you on 1, on 2, SF
so back at start position

Now repeat this to get the 3 other stinkers across.

With the last stinker you don't have to reset 1 and 3.

Finally all stinkers are with you now!

If you haven't done part 2, please do now.
Otherwise skip to part 3.


Now for Part 2.

the MOVES:

You have to move just quick.
The following text only explains how you, or a stinker, have to pass the spike, if you really don't know how to.

MOVES: Stand before the spike area. When the spike's passed, step into the area.
But wait until the spike's turned and has just passed again, to move on. Now you're out?
Don't move straight thru then the spike hits you!
So save your game in case something goes wrong on the passes!

Then step in the middle alley.

Repeat the same moves like just before to get pass the second spike.

Now wake the 2 stinkers and move them just before the spike area.

Repeat the same moves like above to move 1 stinker thru 1 spike area.
Move him in the alley just before the next spike area! Not just after the first spike area.
Otherwise you and the second stinker can't wait before the next area!
Repeat the same moves to move the second stinker thru.
Repeat the same moves to get yourself thru.
If you first get back, you can't see the stinkers and so you can't move them thru the spike areas.

Reapeat everything, like for the 1st area, for the second area.
When a stinker is thru, move him north towards the lake.

Now move the second stinker out just you did for the first stinker.
Finally you have to go back too. Just the same moves!

Now move the 2 stinkers in a corner near the lake.
I didn't move them to the last stinker (part 3). You can do that too. Please don't move stinkers thru the pink gate yet!
If a stinker falls asleep during your play in part 1, let him sleep.

When you've rescued the 4 stinkers, you'll have to wake up every stinker!

Now go to part 1, if you haven't done this. Otherwise continue with part 3.


If you or a stinker step on the indigo or pink button, the gates will close for ever.
You can't open them again. So watch out where you or the stinkers step!

Now your team, you and the 6 stinkers, have to go to the last stinker (yellow square and arrow in picture below)

Move 1 stinker at a time to that area. If you move the stinker to fast, 1 stinker will go around, thru the gates.
So wait until a stinker is on his place before you move the next one!!!!

You may close the pink gate, but you don't need to do this.
The indigo gate will be closed as soon as 1 of your team moves over the indigo button.

You need 2 stinkers to get your team to the exit, cos the exit is closed with 2 gates (red and yellow)
How do you do that? Get those spikes on the buttons! Yes, but how?

You still have to wake up the last stinker.
Now see that's every stinker is following you to the gloves
Move all stinkers in the area around the glove. Don't move them over the gloves!
Or you can move each stinker from the last stinker to glove area. The choice is yours.

Now move 2 stinkers in the entrances of the spike area.

You'll need the spikes're following the yellow arrows. But how?

When the spike is down in its area, move 1 stinker in the corner of the spike area and Brr him (freeze him)
Then Brr the other stinker too. Otherwise the spike will hit him!
Don't stay on your spot (marked with black 'X')
You may go to as in the red cirlces or stay in that red line!
Now wait until the spike goes on the blue barrels and steps on the button and finally explodes.
Wait then until your stinkers have been unfrozen.
The stinker standing in the corner has to back in the entrance!

You have to repeat this just the same way for the other spike!!

So go back and wake up the other stinkers!
Your team can go now thru the yellow and red gates towards the exit!!!!

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