star 58 "Avalanche Alley" solution by Popo and Erwin042

First go to the gloves then step on the orange buttons so the orange gates close.

On the far right side there're spikes waiting behind the red gate.
Once you step on a red button the gate opens and the spike will bounce to the left.
Until... one of them hits you?
Brr 1 piece somewhere near you on the water. Walk over it and you're safe!
Wait until the spikes explode in the water. Brr back on the water and go north!

This solution was original put on the board by Popo on Sat Mar 17, 2007 9:03 am.


wait until the spikes are at sight then Brr the one that is in your fireline.
He will freeze. step aside and move to the north!
All other spikes will explode in the water.

But Only 1 spike will make 1 more round!
When moving north, don't walk into that last spike!!

now collect the red gems and get the star!

Erwin wrote this part.

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