star 59 "Chomper Pinball" solution by New Wonderland Adventurer

The original text was made Feb 27 and posted 8:10 am

The pictures're made by Erwin042 and I (Erwin) corrected the original text


Stand on the Brr field and Brr yourself across the water heading down.

Hit the right button 5 times to turn the bumpers clockwise 5 times.
Then hit it one more time but be prepare to step off of the button
immediately--the chomper gets bump across to the island right of the buttons.

Hit either button to turn the bumpers 4 more times.

Use 3 Brr's to Brr a path so the chomper goes straight up,
and he'll get bump to the indigo button.

(Remember to Brr the path starting away from the chomper going towards it,
so that he only starts sliding across the path after it is fully finished.
Also, stand at a good spot when you Brr so you don't accidentally freeze the chomper.)

Use your remaining 6 Brr's to get back to the Brr field to recharge.

Brr yourself back to the main island again. Head right, and you'll see that the chomper
holding down the indigo button creates an indigo bridge across the water,
on the right side of the island. Go to the end of that bridge.

From there use 3 Brr's to Brr path to the island with the exit and go across.


Brr a path from the button towards the chomper. Not the reverse way then the chomper may drown on the first piece of ice.
So the chomper goes to the button. The gate opens and you can collect the gems and coins.

Then go to the star!

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