star 6 "Scritter Control" solution by Erwin042

These are the hints you get.
Now let's find out what a scritter does when you approach it.

You've entered the house. Go to the red arrow to the cellar.
In the red circle you see how may scritters you have to move to the cages.

In the green cirles: these are scritters. In the red circle: this is a cage.
First read the sighn!!!!

I moved 1 square towards the scritter, it jumped 1 square backwards too. See?

I moved from "X" to here. So 2 squares!
The scritter moves also 2 squares backwards!
So if you move 1 or 2 squares to the scritter, the scritter does the same.
Don't approach 1 scritter to fast. Or you can't get control over him anymore.
He starts jumping all over the room and you don't know where he will stop!

I moved 2 squares right so the scritter moved also 2. I need only 1 step to get him caged!
Afterwards I can enter the next room, cos the door opened.

I want to go to the door. At this position you'll see those 3 scritters are still sitting there.
But when I walk 1 square towards them, watch what happens.

Saw it? Now I'll wait in the entrance.

Those 2 scritters in front of me moved again 1 square backwards.
A scritter only moves when you are 1 square away from it.
So it always stays 2 squares or more away. It just waits.

I walked again 2 squares down.
Those 2 scritters on the left are almost near the cages.
But the one at the bottom is mabe a problem.
There is also 1 other scritter on the right in that alley. It's near a cage.
So you'll beter cage that one first.
To open that orange gate to the next floor, you have to step on that orange button.
But first go to the right and cage that scritter.

I'll just walk to the cage. And the scritter is caged.
then I'll return to the button, and step on it.

I stepped off the button.
I'm now only 2 squares away from the nearest scritter.
If you step 1 more square to the left, he'll jump away.
If you do more squares the 2 scritter in front of me, will move.
If you just go to the edge of that water, the third scritter will move too.
That's now no problem. Between the cages stand barrels.
But in future levels, you have to watch out what your next step will be when more scritters are near you.
So let's go near the little lake.

When you approach the little lake, the scritters haven't moved.
So you make step by step, 2 squares, further to the cages. The 2 scritters got caged.

If you walk on the left side of the lake, the scritter might jump away from the cage.
So you need to approach it on the right side.

See? So that's not the right solution. You may however still try to get him caged like this.
But then you are playing a bit longer.
You'll need to get the scritter back on your left side. Cos now you have him on your right.
You learn that in a future level.
Therefore please reload your game and restart the adventure if you haven't saved the game yet.

I tried to turn the scritter on my left side and see what happened.

I reloaded and I'm now trying to get the scritter in the cage.
I'll walk towards the pointer.

I've caged the scritter.
Now I'll enter the gate and go downstairs again. Cos there are still 2 scritters on the loose.

You're downstairs. First read the sign! Then move on!

I've walked diagonal (like the white arrow)
I'm now in a straight line with the scritter.
After I stepped 2 squares to the right, the scritter'll jump.
I'll step towards him (as red arrows).
When I'm on his old position (green circle), the scritter has to move only 2 squares to get on the button.

The scritters sits on the button. So the gate opens.
All I have to do nowto get thru the gate, is togo around the scritter so it stays put.

I'm on the gate. So I walk to the button and step on it. So the gate on the left opens.
Then I return.
I take 1 square towards the scritter. So I'm only 2 squares from him.

I walk towards the button and stay on it. The scritter jumps away diagonally!
If you want to walk around the scritter and want toget in front of it, then move towards it, it'll jump towards the gate.
Then it's going to take you a bit longer to get the job done.

I walk in the corner. I step towards the scritter until it's caged.
Then I'll go thru the gate.

I'm thru the gate, that door opens.
All I've to do now is, walk straight to the scritter. It will go straight in the cage.
And I've finished this level.
But what about that red key? I can't get it from here. Maybe I can get it outside from a stinker?

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