star 60 "The Blue Shard" solution by Erwin042

If you've read all the signs near the Adventures Of the Brr Area,
you should know the right combination.

These clues you'll find at the signs after finishing the Foggy Mountain adventures.

1. Don't forget that orange comes right after yellow.

Yellow Orange

2. Green is two spots before yellow.

Green _______ Yellow Orange

3. Don't forget. Yellow is equally distant from green and blue.

Green _______ Yellow Orange Blue

4. Don't forget to push green before pushing indigo.

Indigo must come after green or after blue

5. Note to self. Purple does not precede green.

Purple must come after green or after blue

6. Remember to use each colour once.

Red hasn't been mentioned so going on the previous clue
we can presume red precedes green

That leaves us with two options:

Red Green Indigo Yellow Orange Blue Purple
Red Green Purple Yellow Orange Blue Indigo

So you know 2 sequences how to open the gate and to pop up bridge, to get the shard.

Try those 2 out.
If the gate isn't opening but the bridge appears. Then it's still a wrong combination.
So try the other one

The indigo button looks like dark blue
and the blue button looks like the light blue!
Don't mess these colours! Or you have to restart.

When you've stepped on the button in the right sequence you'll see this

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