star 61 "Thwart the Thwarts" solution by Erwin042

The Thwart is opening the yellow gate with a timing button. So I have to hurry and run after him.
But first I charge my Brr gloves!

Oh o! 3 fireballs! So there are 3 thwarts trying to shoot me!
I'll hide behind those ice blocks. So the thwarts can't hurt me.
Please stand where I stand in next picture. On the other spot up, the Thwarts can kill you.

But now what to do?
I see there is a red gate and there in front a red button.
I'll move up so I can see closer what I'll do next.

I have to find a way to freeze the thwart closes to the red button.
So I can step on it and the red gate goes open.

I'm shooting to the Thwart! (black ovale shows my shot towards the Thwart!!)

I tried to shoot the Thwart directly from where I stand. And it worked!!
Now I went to the red button and run to that green button (pointer was in area of red ovale or
at black cross).
At this moment the other Thwarts shot at me. If I stand still for only 1 microsecond I die.
So point ahead somewhere near the green gate!

Now I'm standing before the green gate.
I've to step on the green button so the gates opens.
But I need to figure out where and when I have to freeze that Thwart again.
I've already Brr a path over the water. And pointed to my next position.

I crossed the water. I walked next the wall to shoot.
Cos on my arrival over the ice, a shot came towards me.
Now I Brr the water again with 1 brr to get back across to the green gate.

Then I step on the button, so the gate opens and I walk thru it.

Then I collect those 4 coins on the left. An I'll wait there. Ideal position to save my game again!
So I spied to the next area!
The 3 thwart stand on new positions! But those 2 ice pilars are ideal hiding positions!
I'll move to there and watch what happens!

First I tried to walk to that ice path. See? no good! So I reload.
Then I have to think on another way!
Maybe if you move behind the other pilar? Maybe I can shoot the left Thwart as well from behind there?
So first I have to get behind the pilar!

First I tried to point directly behind the pilar (red arrow). But then I was shot.
Then I followed like the black arrows. That went well.

I've just made a shot towards the left Thwart. Now I walk towards the ice path.
Maybe I'll get pass the Thwarts this fast!

Left Thwart is frozen and I'm on my way to the path

I'm passed the frozen Thwart and the 2 others!!!

Yeah there's the star!!!! And the blue Shard!!!!

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