star 62 "Seven Locks"

The buttons are all divide in 2 colours.
One button opens or closes doors of these 2 colours indicated.
e.g. Yellow/Red - button activates all yellow doors and red doors in this level.

Your goal is to open all doors that block your path to the star and the rainbow key.

Let's go!

On the right from where you start is a yellow/indigo button.
So step on this button and the yellow and the indigo doors'll open now.
Then go thru the indigo door.

There you have to step on the red/green button.
This button activates the Red and Green doors.
So the red and green doors are open now.

Return thru the indigo door.
Now follow the red arrow to the red door. Don't go over the buttons!!!

Now step on the red/blue button.
So the red door behind you closes and the blue door in front of you opens.
Note that the other red door is also closed and the other blue door is also opened on the path to the star.

Go thru the blue door.
And step on the orange/pink button. Don't go around and step on that orange/indigo button!
Just go up.
This picture shows you too which doors are open and which doors are still closed, before stepping on the button.

Now return to the blue door. The red door before you is closed.
The other red door is the only door that is still blocking the path to the star!
When you step on the red/blue button in front of you all doors are open to the star,
but you aren't there yet.
The only way to get there is, activating the red button.

First step on the red/blue button and step thru the red door.

Step diagonal and step then on the red button.
So don't step on the red/yellow button!!

You're now on the red button. But nothing happened!
When you step off the button, something will happen.

So you stepped off the red button, and stepped in the yellow door!
I'm now before the red closed door!
The only 2 doors blocking my path to the star are the blue and red doors.
On your right side there is a red/blue button that opens these doors!

You're now on the red/blue button. All doors are open now!

Step back off this button.
And walk thru all open doors.

you're now before the star. So get it!

Once outside this level, you'll receive the rainbow key.

Two rainbow barrels will pop up when you outside this level too.
One rainbow barrel is leading towards the last level in this section.
Another rainbow barrel's popped up on your left, this leads to a token.
When finishing all 4 levels in this section, you can pick up this token too.

Solution by Erwin042

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