star 63 "Stinker in the Dark" solution by Erwin042

There's a time button in front of me.
And a spike bounces over it coming from the left. It bounces back just on the right.
I find spikes dangerous. So I leave this for last.

You may go to the left first. But then you skip the rescue of the other 4 stinkers.

Hopefully not all stinkers are sleeping where the spike came from!
So let's explore the rest of this level first.
Maybe other stinkers are still somewhere else to find.

I've passed the timer button.
A orange gate has just closed because the timer stopped.
I'll go right then.

I've just passed the orange gate. What do you see?
A lake and an orange transporter leading to a sleeping stinker.
Fireballs hitting a wall. So there are fireflowers on the right!

When the gate is open, I'll walk thru.

I'm between the 2 orange gates. Look what I can see now on the left side? 2 spikes. Aiks!
Better move on.
Then I'll wake up the stinker.
If the transporter is still on the other side, I'll have to wait till it returns.

I move to stinker on the transporter.
When the gate opens I'll walk thru.
First I move the stinker across and off the transporter.
If the gate closes while I'm moving the stinker, I'll have to wait again.
But maybe I can do it while the gates are still open.

When I'm aside the water, I move the stinker of the transporter. So he can't be returned back,
when the timer buttons switches on again.
Then I wait till the gates open and return.

I'm back with 1 stinker.
I'd better keep him with me.
I could move him to the exit now.
It's also possible I need him somewhere on a button.
So I order him to follow.

I walked further (like the red arrow)
I'm now at a crosspoint.
In the upper right corner I see a fireball.
I can go to there (white arrow)
Also in the bottom left corner I see a sleeping stinker.
I can go to there too (green arrow)
And there is still a tunnel leading to the bottom.
So in the bottom right is also a sleeping stinker.
I'll first go to the fireflowers!

A fireflower is shooting in a direct line when I enter the tunnel.
So I've to wait after its shot to move up.
I'll saw a second fireball too. So on the left has to stand a second fireflower.
So these fireflowers are garding the way to a sleeping stinker!
I have to up then!

I hide behind this pillar so see where those fireflowers are standing.
I need to walk in between them to the stinker.
You'd better save your game before going on.

I'm right!

I woke up the stinker.
Please start from here. Don't step further towards the fireflower on the left.
This fireflower can shoot you if you stay in the entrance!
So we need to return to the crossing, to the first stinker!
When the left fireflower has shot, it's safe to start the return.

I'm back at the crossing. My first stinker felt asleep.
I'll wake him up.
I'll go further down (white arrow)

I went further down and I'm here.
On my left is that's sleeping stinker!
I'd better wake him up first.
I'll move the 2 stinkers in 2 corners of the crossing.
Then I'll go in that tunnel left of the crossing.

I notice cages!
And beyond those cages is my sleeping stinker.
I'll go further left then till I see the entrance of this room.

At the top: a stinker, but garded by a spike.
So that's where that spike bouncing on the timer button goes to.
That' s going to be tricky!

First I'll enter that room with the cages, see what the trouble it is there.

A bit explination is in place here.
You can't really see how those 3 cages hang.
So I drew a yellow rectangle beneath the picture.
Red circle is you, green circle is the sleeping stinker and the white "X"'s are the cages.

So you and the stinker have to move diagonal between the cages. (follow the grey arrows)
If you are behind the cages, wake up the stinker, and move him the same way you came to the exit of this room.
Then return yourself the same way.
Or you can walk between the other cage too if you want.

When you or the stinker, are under a cage, the cage will close.
So you haven't reached your goal and have to restart or reload!

The stinker is awake and is between the cages.
I'm aside 2 cages.
Now I move him out of here.
I'll take the same way to get me out of this.
I return to the crossing to wake up the 2 stinkers.
I'll need them for rescuing the other 2.

I've rescued 3 stinker.
I've them with me.
We'll go now back to the bottom right corner.

We've entered a new room.
There is water and 4 rainbow buttons.
So I guess there is a lake where in the corner lays the fourth stinker.
Surely there is no bridge towards the stinker.
Therefore I need to move my stinkers on the buttons, so barrels will pop up.
If I'd rescued the stinker behind the spikes, I'd 4 stinkers now.
But then I'll have a problem. Let's find out!

First I've put stinkers on the top buttons.
I went more to the right to see what happened.
2 barrels popped up. I'll need 2 barrels more to get to the sleeping stinker.
I'll move the third stinker on the left bottom button.
Then I step on the barrels till I'm on that third one.

Now I move the stinker on the left top button diagonal onto the free button.
Then I'll wake up the stinker.
The barrels at the bottom are still up. So the stinker can move up to the left.
My stinkers have to switch on the buttons again to bring me back to them.

I've woken up the stinker.

Please move on! Because you'll wait too long, those stinkers on the buttons may fall asleep again.
Then you'd fail and restart all over or have to reload a savegame.

This stinker can't go further cos the first barrel is gone.
So I move the stinker on the fourth button back to the first one.
Then I'll move the rescued stinker aside the stinker on the second button.

He's now in a straight line with the first barrel.
The stinker is now on a position where I still grab him.
If he stands 1 more square left, I'll can't move him back on.

I move the stinker on the first button back on the free button.
Then I move the stinker on the left bottom button on first button.
Then I move the last rescued stinker on that, third, free button.
Then I only need the second barrel to pop up again.
So I move the stinker from the top right button, off the button and back on.

All 4 barrels are there again. So I get back across!

I join all 4 stinkers.
Then we return to the crossing with the orange timer button.
We wait there. Maybe the spike is coming.

You can leave those 4 stinker in each corner.
But this is more dangerous. When they're sleeping on your return, you've to wake them up.
If the spike bounces by, they may hit the spike. Then the mission is over.

So please move the stinkers into the exit, if they don't do it themselfs (green circle)!

the spikes bounces by, after I moved the last stinker into the exit!!

Only 1 stinker to rescue.
You have to run before the spike. Not behind it!
Cos the spike has a turning point somewhere on the left.
If you've just followed him and he's turning, you'll be dead!

When the spike's just bounced on the timer button, you have to run into the tunnel to the left!
So what you see in the picture is a great moment to start the rescue!
Although in this picture the spike was returning to the left again. So bad timing!

The spikes bounces 43 times, beginning when he bounces on the button and back!

I'm at the end of the tunnel. In the next are those 2 spikes bouncing!
So I need to go in the left or right alley until the spike's turning.

The spike's just turned. I'm safe for now (43 bounces and his back)
When the 2 spikes have just passed I have to get across.

I made it!
I saved the game. It's getting very tricky!
Now what?

Maybe just the same. When the spike's just passed, get across.

I made it!
I woke up the stinker.
He has to get first passed that spike.
Remember the stinker is tinner than you. So he passes smouther along spikes.
On your return, think about that!

The stinker passed the spike. I moved 1 square up.
Because I need to move the stinker to the left alley or right alley when he's passed the next romm.
When stay down, I can't move the stinker in the alley.

The moment I wanted to move the stinker across the 2 spikes,
I heard the spike was going on the timer.
I can't see from where I stood, when the spike is here to turn.
So I need to move fast or wait until I hear that button again.
I can't risk it when I didn't hear that sound. The spike could be approaching or not.
So I move the stinker directly into an alley! Don't let him stay in the entrance!!!
And then I have to try to get across that spike!!

Now I'm across those 2 spikes too and moved me in the other alley.
I moved the stinker in previous picture on the right.
So in this picture, I'm in the left alley.
I have to join the stinker. So I walk to him.

We are now together. So we have to wait until the spike turned.
Then we follow him towards the timer button.
When he bounces on the button we need to go left or right. So we will not be hit.

The spike is here. So we follow him back!!
Point only before the spike. Don't point after him.
The spike is slower than you and you'll bounce on him.

We're on the move and nearly to the timer switch. I can see the exit.
But we aren't there yet.

When I saw the button, I've pointed down on the entrance.
I didn't point out to the top entrance. Because then the stinker stays still before the button.
And I had to move him away from the spike's way.
We only need to wait till the spike is away.

We're across the button and I can send the stinker into the exit!
Mission accomplished! I get a golden star and 1 rainbow key!

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