star 64 "Teleportation" solution by Erwin042

The hints are on the title page of this adventure.

The overview.

Now walk like this and you end at the top.
step on red button,
step into the red teleporter,
step on the R/Y button.
It means now that the red teleporter disappear for good
and a yellow teleporter appears somewhere else.
Step in green teleporter than in blue teleporter, then in the yellow teleporter.
step on green diamond button, so 3 green teleporters pop up.
step in the green teleporter. You'll transported up instead of right now.

Step on pink circle button, not on the pink diamond button.
you have deactivate this teleporter. There is only one popped up.
I need 2 teleporters to be teleported.
Step then on the pink diamond button.
Step in pink teleporter diagonal (of course)
now you're up north!

Chase each scritter up.
First follow the red arrow.
Then go to the white cross. First on 1 side. Then return at end of red arrow. And chase the other up.
Don't point directly to other side!
If you do this, you'll go up north over the button and the scritters are behind you.
You could then chase them back before you. So this isn't the fastest way to finish!

If you go twice in direct line as the white line to chase the scritter up,
you'll have put 1 scritter on the button and the other is sitting next it.

Then you step into the indigo teleporter and all you have to do next is: get the star!

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