star 66 "Changing Colours"

The picture gives an overview of the Adventure.
Red - Blue - Yellow - Green - Orange - Pink - Indigo
The teleporter near the star is Indigo, not blue! This is used as in the game!!

step diagonally into R teleporter so you collect the coin too
step diagonally onto B/Y button so the B teleporter becomes yellow
step into the Y teleporter then
collect the coin
step into the G teleporter
collect the coin
step on the G/O switch to make the G teleporter O
step on th O button to activate the new O teleporters
step into the O teleporter
take the R transporter so you'll go up
go to the I/P button to make the right P teleporter I
go back to the R transporter, so you'll go down
step on the O button, the O teleporters appear again
step into the O teleporter
step into the I teleporter
go diagonal to the star so you collect the coin too!

Solution by Erwin042

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