star 67 "Picking Colours" solution by Erwin042

Now here are also buttons that change colour of a gate.

First step on the gloves. Then move to the change button. Don't step on the red button!
This change button changes all yellow gates into red gates.
Then step on the red button to open the gate.


Now collect the gems in the north and in the south.
Those buttons in the middle have no affect on the gates, only on the orange gate.
But you don't go thru this gate!

You stand either north or south now.
So blink into the middle, so between the 2 change buttons.
Then blink between the orange button and the change button.
Step on the pink/yellow button so the pink gates turn yellow.
Now blink to the green gate!

Go to the green gate.
This gate must change into orange. Cos there is only 1 button to open gates. That the orange one.
But before the green gate becomes orange, it has to change to yellow.
But now there is a timing button in front of you.
If you wait too long the button stops and the green gate changes back into green.
So you have to blink to the yellow/orange button quickly. (follow those black lines)
And return then towards the orange button.
Now first step on the Indigo/Orange button to change that indigo gate into orange.
Then step on the orange button so all gates will open.
Go back up to that gate to push the rainbow button.
Go back down to collect all gems and push the rainbow button.
Those rainbow buttons activate rainbow barrels leading to the star.
So go over those barrels to the star.


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