star 68 'Underground Aqueduct' solution by Erwin042

1 move on the bridge. You see you need the lamp! There are 12 fireflowers shooting. But where are they?
Standing here doesn't hurt you.
If fireballs went by, it's save to move on

white circle: here it's safe, so save and wait to move on!
same tip: wait until the fireballs went by to move on

you are over that bridge!! Congrats!
walk further thru the corridor to ...

a red teleporter that brings you to..

What is this?
Do you see in the white square the fireflower?
Well that fireflower has to shoot on a barrel (pink circle) left or right first.
He will aim to shoot you.
But you are smart and you wait until the fireflower shot. Then you move aside to the left or right.

But how can that fireflower shoot at me? First you have to open the gates. How?

You see there are 2 green like gate and an yellow one.
first you have to change that yellow into a red one. So step on this change button first.
Don't step on other buttons!!

Now go to the right, to the other change "green" to red button (white circle). Or is it blue to red?
This button will change the right gate (marked with white circle) into a green one.

Done that? then step on the red to green button!
And the 3 gates now are green

So you step on the green button to open all green gates.
Remember: when that fireflower shoots at you, step left or right.
He will kill first 1 fireflower where nog keg is standing.
Then he will aim for you, standing on left or right.
When he shoots move to the other side. Don't stand still on a side to watch the blast!
It's a chain reaction. The kegs are standing so that the last one will blow up that shooting fireflower too.
And you need it to kill the other side too.
So don't hesitate move directly to the other side and wait for that shot. Then move further away.
Then that shooting fireflower will blow up too... you've got the star!!!!

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