star 7 "The Magic Gloves" a solution by Erwin042

First wake up the 2 stinkers.
Walk just before the cage. Don't go thru yet!

Move 1 stinker on the button so the cage stays open.
Then collect the gems.
And go back under the cage.
Join with that stinker on the button.
Now go together to the left.

Go over the barrels and over the bridge to the yellow button.
Your stinkers'll wait.
When the yellow button is pushed they will come to you.

See? Your stinkers are coming to you.
Now go up north.
Then wait until the stinkers are aside you.

Wait here until the the stinkers are aside you.
Then move 1 stinker onto the right pink button.
Move the other stinker onto the middle pink button.

You step then on the pink diamond button. That pink transporter comes to your side.
Ride it and step off.

Take the alley south and pick up 3 gems.
Now go back on the transporter. Run to that last round pink button.

Step off the pink button and walk towards the pink doors.
You'll see the left door closes.
Now move the right stinker onto the left button.

Walk before the right pink door.
Move the left stinker back on the right pink button.
Now you can walk to the green button.

Pick up the red key and the 2 coins.
Move the 2 stinkers over the green pushed button.
See to it, you'll join the stinkers back.
Step over the green button.
So the three of you can walk to the red gates.

You arrived before the red gates.
You open the gates with your red key.
Move the stinkers just behind you.
Only the right red gate will open.
Now it's a good moment to save your game.
Cos you or a stinker may walk into a flame!

When the row of flames is down you can get across 1st row.
When the second row of flames is down you can get across the 2nd row.
Now move each stinker across each row of flame as well by using the same method.

Your team is safely behind the flames!
Move now 1 stinker on the round button. then the cage opens and stays open.
Move the other stinker on the diamond button.
Then the barrels pop up. Then ones up now, will disappear.
Go stand before that 1 square island.

walk to that 1 squared island.
Then move the stinker, on the left aside the cage, off the button and back on the button.
All popped barrels go down. The ones that were down, will pop up!
So there is a bridge between the 2 one-squared islands!

First walk to that next 1 squared island.
Move that stinker back off and on the button, so you can walk up north to pick up the coins.

Pick up the 7 coins.
Move that stinker again off and back on the button.
All the barrels pop up again.

Take those gloves!

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