stars 70&71 "Free Stars" solution by Erwin042

When you are in the Rainbow Temple Ruin you collect 3 rainbow keys.
2 of them you have to use to open 2 rainbow gates.

But what with the third one?
That's for opening a rainbow gate of course. But where is it?
In the beginning of the game, you maybe saw a mysterious rainbow gate at the left.
Well return there to.

If you don't know the way to there, here're some pictures showing your way. Just follow the pointer!

in the last picture you've opened the rainbow gate, so come on in!

pick that free star!!and go north!

pick that second free star!!

Now go back. Leave this beautiful place because there is nothing else to pick or move.
It's just a wonderful area.

Popo mentions: there is a token to be found here too.
there's a token in the bottom right corner that should be collected”

Now go back to Morklin or continue with your adventure!

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