The first thing you have to do is work you way over to the lower left corner and go down that arrow, you can't do anything in the first area till later.

Once in the next area go left and across the first set of pillars. You'll have to keep in mind in this area that all the pillars are linked, switching them off in one pool switches them off in all the pools, so make sure when you cross that all the pillars are up when you get to the other side.

The first set is easy. Start at the right hand side and just walk left to the end then up.

Next go down to the bottom left corner to do that bit. Start at the left hand side, work your way to the middle, go round and get the coins and back off the way you came on. Don't step on the button at the top at all.

Next bit, go up the left wall to where coins are. Step diagonally across to bottom coins, DON'T step on that button.

Step onto first button to right and go down to bottom getting green key on way. Go back up to the top set of coins and get them. Go right to the next green button, then up to the top. Right to the 3rd button, down to the 2nd button, left to the next button and then right to the end and down for the yellow key. Now retrace your steps back up to the top middle stepping only on buttons that are off.

After you open the gates and get the coins you'll go back to the other area through the arrow.

Wake up the stinker and stand him on top button.
Go over bridge moving stinker onto bottom button to help you over. Step on green button to let stinker across.

Move the stinker to the top where the pillar is missing.
Go down to the bottom green pillar and step on brown button. Don't forget coins while you're down here.

Move stinker down and onto left green button.
You move up to green button.
Move stinker to small island between buttons.
You move left and move stinker onto brown button.
You move down to next button and left.
Stinker to green button, you to brown button.
You go back down and right.
You down and left, stinker down.
You down to the island, step on both green buttons and go to get coins.

Move stinker carefully round the path using only buttons that are off.
You get off the island and move stinker to exit.

Solution by popo.

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