stars 75&82 "Lost Mail" & "Deliver Letter"

Star 75 is the Adventure.
Star 82 is the way to that Adventure and after that Adventure.
Cos Noosee has to have that letter in order to get an extra star!

When you are in Wondertown for the first time, go to Noosee.
That's a stinker who's waiting for a letter in Wondertown.

He's standing east of the Market Place. On your way to the fort.
Talk to him. You'll notice the same text as in picture below.

On this point you haven't been in 'Forest's End' yet. If you don't talk to Noosee, you won't
know about the letter. So you can't tell his girlfriend you heard about the letter.
Therefore you can't play the level 'Lost Mail'!

For playing 'Lost Mail'
When you arrive in Forest's End, go west from the central place.
Attention, you must have activated the rainbow to be teleported to Forest's End.
You've collected the orange, indigo, red and blue shard in that order.
When you haven't got the orange, indigo, red and blue shards yet, you can't go to 'Forest's End'!!

You've maybe just talked then to the talkative guy. So it's in that direction!

Enter that screen and go north. Yes, there is a level on the left.

Now you've entered the tree nusery.

if you go straight to the north, you'll see there isn't a starting point for the level.
You have to talk to Jaana first. She is nursering (walking around) the trees.
So talk to Jaana. See the question about the letter?
When you haven't spoken to Noosee, that question will not be there and you can't play "Got Mail"

Now enter the level. From now on you're in star 75.

There are 3 chompers that must die before you can go north or pick up the orange key.
Go first to the 2 chompers garding the orange key. The scritter only sits there to gard the cave.
You'll see 3 barrels in the water

Go into the cave so the scritter moves away. The chompers will be released. One'll go after you.
Now go over the 3 barrels when they've appeared and wait a while.
The barrels must disappear when you walked over them. If not and the chomper crosses it, you'll have to move further south.
Maybe you an kill him on the barrels to the gems.
Situation with the 3 barrels: The chomper will wait until the right barrel pops up, sits and it and wait.
But then the barrels disappears and the chomper dies!

Now do the same with the second chomper. When the chomper is died you can collect the orange key.

Maybe your timing with that second chomper isn't so good and he's still following you on that island.
Then you can run for the island with the gems

There are 2 barrels to that island.
The chomper'll go on one of them but he's going to be too late, cos the barrel will disappear.

Keep in mind that chompers will stay in direct line with you if they can't get across water.

After picking up the orange key, go back south.
Lure the third chomper to use the green transporters

so he'll be chasing you too on the main island.
Just do the same as you did with the previous chompers: drown him standing on a barrel disappearing!

Then use the green transporters to go to the right orange gate.
If you choose to open the left gate. You'll not able to open the second orange gate.
And the orange teleporter will not appear neither!
Open the right gate and step on the orange button, so the other gates and the teleporter will open too.
So return to the left gates and over the barrels.


all gates are open, you are after it now.

How to get across? (original picture by Popo!)
Don't ever wait or stand a second still, the chomper will get to you fast, and you'll be
unable to reach the indigo (!!) gate safely and picked up the 2 coins.

collect the 2 gems
step on the orange transporter to turn it, step off and step on again to go to the barrels on top
so go over the barrels and get off to collect the 3 coins
step into the teleporter to get the letter!
Yeah you've got the letter.

Now use the indigo (!) shard to get back to Wondertown.

You're back in the Museum with Morklin. Now leave this place and go to the market place.
And go to Noosee.

You talk to Noosee. And you receive a golden star.

This long mission ends here, but you've got 2 stars!!

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