Enter area with charging point and charge glove. Ignore the path to the spikey ball and yellow square button, you don't need it.

Freeze a path down to the ice, then recharge glove. Slide down the ice.

Make a bridge to coins and back. You should have 5 charges left.


Stand in the way of the turtle to make him change direction, then make him go down the ice. Follow him, freeze a path and recharge glove.

Make a path back to turtle, recharge glove, and go back and press pink switch.

Stand on yellow GATE and freeze an ice patch diagonally to first water patch. Recharge glove.

Freeze a path to the teleporter and go through it. You should have one brr left.

Walk into cage and exit forward when turtle walks over timer. Get gems.

Use your last brr to make a bridge to the edge and walk around to the path. Step on button to make a bridge, go and get your star and key.

Solution by Popo.


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