star 8 "Hop, Skip & Blink!"

go to the blue switches. The blue gate closes.
Now you have only 9 blinks to get to the exit!

Blink across the lake. Not on the log. That's only to change direction!

Blink to the switch behind the flames. The flames dove.
So collect all the gems and come back to the bank of the lake.

Wait for the log to appear. Blink on it and rapidly blink again to the right.
Go to the edge of the ice. Go A square up and move diagonal.

You'll see you slide diagonally.
Make one step to the right and you slide of the ice.
Step over the log to collect the gems.
Move back to the bank of the water. Blink now over the water and the ice.

Go to the bank of the lake and blink over it.
Don't blink onto the log, you need every blink there's left!

Go to the bank of the smaller lake with the transporter in it.
Blink to the north. Collect the coins.
Go back to the bank and blink over the lake.
Collect there the coins.
Stand in the middle of the 3 squares to blink towards the gems.
Don't blink on a gem. You can't do that, you'll just lose a blink!

Your goal is collect all gems. So first collect the coins and then the gems.
don't collect first the gems cos then you end the level leaving the coins behind.

Solution by Erwin042

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