star 80 "Swamped" solution by Erwin042

thanks to Patrick for the video. It made a lot of moves clear for me.

Go south thru the entrance. Don't step on the buttons yet!!
Don't bother those scritters!!

first pick up the coins
then move before the indigo/green change button. Don't step on the buttons yet!
Then step on the 3 buttons and go straight to the red button outside.

The closed gates (before green and indigo) turned green and are open now.So enter!

Don't step on the button yet. If you do, the 2 logs'll dissappear so you can't get across.
First step on and off each log. Then step on the button, so all logs appear.
Pick up the yellow key.
And go to a side. In this case to the left.

I'm now on the left side. I stepped on the button to activate the telporters.
I've picked up the coin. I'm now going to the teleporter.
I return between the open gates, so I move back to the lake.
I can choose to go right or to the bottom.
There're still logs to do that. So I'm not stepping on the button.

I went down. Before I went on shore, I went diagonal to collect a coin, then the second.
Then I activated the teleporter and got back.

I must go to the right too. So I need to step on the button so the logs appear!
But there is a problem! I can't go to the right.
First I need to go over the logs (like on the white arrow) to let them disappear.

After this is done, I step on the button, so the logs appear again. Then I can go to the right!
There I have to step first on the button. So I watch out not to get straight into the teleporter.
Cos I need those coins. After that I can go into the teleporter and move on to the next part!


Everytime a flame is gone, I can go thru!
There are 3 coins at the top right. Don't forget to collect them!!

Only the last 3 flames are tricky.
I'll start explaining, in short, the sequence of the flames.
I start with: all 3 flames are up (so you see the fire coming out of the 3 pits)
The left flame is down and back on.
The middle flame is down and back on.
Only the right flame is on, then all 3 are on.
Then only the left flame is on.
After this flame is gone, it's time to cross!!
Hurry! The moment you're passed the right pit, they are lit again!

Then I open the yellow gate with the yellow key.

There is a rainbow button. Why?
Step on it to let the golden star and the key appear!! So I need pass those flames again!

The left flame is only lit. When this flame is out, all 3 flames are down. Then I can pass.
So same sequence as I told you above.

once I'm passed the flames (red arrows in previous picture), I walk to the golden star and the key

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