star 81 "Within a Deep, Dark Forest" solution by Erwin042

start position. Do you hear the chompers! Be quick!
You have to know your way or you'll be killed by a chomper!
You have to go to the left, then

you go up and left to the north.
Meanwhile you'll see a red key in the north.

Don't pick that up yet or be killed!

then you encounter an red teleporter.

So you've got off those chompers for now!

From the white 'X' you came out of the teleporter. So follow the white lines to another teleporter!
Got ride of those chompers again!

Don't go straight to the south. You'll encounter 2 chompers coming towards you!

On the teleporter's exit you step right into a Brr gloves. You'll have a moment to save your game!
See that fireflower surrounded by gems!
Why? You have to let the fireflower kill the chompers!
How? By keep moving around and collect the gems.
When a chomper gets in the fireline of you and the fireflower, he will be killed first.
You can stop chompers by freezing them. But it won't kill them when the Fireflower shoots at a chomper!

Keep making circles. Keep as close as possible to the fireflower.
When a shot is missed by the fireflower, it can hit a chomper.
Keep moving around.
Meanwhile collect the gems, so the fireflower can get a clear shot.

It's done. I've frozen the fireflower, so I can move away safely.
First see if you've picked up all gems. Then go north to pick up that red key.
Then to the exit. Where is it?
Go south.

In the dark you may notice a fireball

Then go a bit straight forward but then turn left. Now go east!

So you'll see the red gate. Oh it's the exit with the star!! Open the gate and get the star!!

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