star 86 "There and Back Again" solution by Erwin042

Take the yellow transporter up.

There're 2 scritters. You'll need 1. I picked the left one.
That scritter has to go on an yellow transporter to go down.
I moved the scitter on the right transporter.
It's possible that the scritter takes the left transporter down.
Then you'll need to skip the pic with the 2 red circles.
Then you'll stand near the transporter down (red circle on left).
So the turtle turns there to the left.
You've just skipped one turning point of the turtle. So skip those next 2 pictures.


When you've done that. Take the other yellow transporter back down. Step off.
The scritter moves away and block the run path of the turtle.
So the turtle'll take a transporter.
You have to go back on the other transporter.

You walk faster then the turtle so you be first above (red circle)
So he's changing direction.
The green lines're his way to the yellow transporter.
You have to go to the left against the wall (red circles). [second method: please continue here!]
Don't rush to that point when the turtle has just turned.
Step 2 squeares left while the turtle is going to the switch button.
Then go above that button (so as in the red circle)

When the turtle returns, he'll change direction and goes into the teleporter.

Go straight back to the indigo gates. Don't wait! The turtle is moving to give you time to return
When you goes on the indigo timing button, the gates will open.
Pick the coin then straight to the rainbow key!!
You haven't got much time. The gates will close! (the gates're closing!)

You've got the key. Go back up and take the red transporter up.

Sometimes the scritter moves on the transporter! Then you can't go further.
Hopefully you've saved your game! (like when the turtle is coming to you aor is going in the teleporter)

Step on the switch button to change the direction of the transporter to get you up.
And go all the way to the north. Those buttons don't have an affect on your way anymore.

Open the rainbow gate with the rainbow key and get the star!

Outside there pops up a blue log. So you have to go to that star when completed more levels.

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